关于在unity小地图的讲解,我们在前面介绍过,《Unity教程之-Unity3d游戏开发之小地图的实现》、《Unity UGUI渲染小地图》,那么本篇文章我们来看下unity3d中一款强大的小地图插件KGFMapSystem(minimap),借助这款插件我们很高效的开发我们的游戏,下面看下截图

KGFMapSystem(minimap) More

Unity资源插件之-Gesture Recognizer手势识别插件


下面我们来看一款在unity中可以识别手势的强大插件Gesture Recognizer,先看下截图

Gesture Recognizer More

Unity资源插件之-Dynamic Elements FX Pack粒子特效插件


有时,一款unity粒子特效插件能让我们的游戏开发事半功倍,同时节省了美术投入的成本,下面我们来看一款Dynamic Elements FX Pack粒子特效插件,包括华丽的爆炸,瀑布,下雨,落叶、下雪以及传送门等十几种特效,下面上图!

Dynamic Elements FX Pack More


今天我们来看一款曲线插件Unity  SuperSplines,看下效果图!

SuperSplines More

Unity资源插件之-行为树插件Behavior Designer

下面我们来看一款类似状态机设计的行为树插件Behavior Designer,如下图!


Unity插件之-Dynamic Navigation系统寻路扩展插件


在RPG游戏中,自动寻路系统想必大家都知道,现在在unity中同样也有这一款Dynamic Navigation系统寻路扩展插件,有了它,我们可以很轻松的实现自动寻路。下面看下官方的介绍

Welcome to the most powerful navigation engine for Unity. This navigation engine is part of a massive AI project called Dynamic AI.

Create infinite, multi-layer, high resolution grids with smart algorithms that build at lightning speeds! Add dynamic obstacles of any size, shape, or orientation and watch the grid update perfectly, for a completely dynamic solution. Create “Navigation Portals” for elevators, ladders, jumpable areas, and infinite other possibilites. Pathfinding is smooth and completely dynamic, but also extremely efficient!

For those of you who own Fantasy AI and want an upgrade in Pathfinding, this package is completely compatible and ready out of the box for Fantasy AI!




下面我们来看一款unity中强大的插件MaterialMotion,该插件通过动画处理着色器纹理属性来修改材质贴图UV坐标达到动画效果。可以很方便的制作滚动或缩放纹理效果。所有的动画皆是通过此脚本制作,使用没有粒子、 着色器或手动调整的动画。

http://www.unitymanual.com/data/attachment/forum/201502/12/152633t46adf53b9adoqdw.png More

Unity插件之-TNet Tasharen Networking


今天我们来看一款轻量级多人游戏网络游戏开发插件TNet Tasharen Networking ,这卷插件使多人游戏开发变得更加容易。优雅,简约和注释详细。功能满足了轻量级多人游戏网络开发需要,使用这个插件来开始网络功能并不用太多的开发量。相信,如果作为个人开发者,是不错的选择。


Unity插件之-Highlighting System轮廓外发光高亮特效


今天我们来看一款强大的插件Highlighting System,给物体加高光特效插件

This package requires Unity Pro, as it uses post-processing!
Now supports Unity iOS Pro! (Device with OpenGL ES2.0 required)
Highlighting System package allows you to easily integrate outline glow effect similar to those used in top AAA games.

Three highlighting modes available to cover all your needs:

1. One-frame highlighting
Useful for highlighting objects which are currently under mouse cursor.

2. Flashing
Can be used if you need to pay attention to some objects (game tutorial item for example).

3. Constant highlighting (with fade in/out)
Can be used to constantly highlight objects (pickable items or currently selected objects for example).
This system works with static and skinned meshes, and is fully documented (see Documentation.pdf inside of HighlightingSystemDemo folder).

http://www.unitymanual.com/data/attachment/forum/201406/26/114421vvz6ijxt8x8gjxmm.jpg More

Unity3d插件之–Fireworks Collection烟花插件


想象一下,在Unity场景中,夜幕下烟花骤然绽放,璀璨了整个天际,流星般的火花从天空直落,玉树琼花的世界,把夜空装点得无比美丽,下面我们来看一款烟花粒子插件Fireworks Collection