Unity插件之-Dynamic Navigation系统寻路扩展插件


在RPG游戏中,自动寻路系统想必大家都知道,现在在unity中同样也有这一款Dynamic Navigation系统寻路扩展插件,有了它,我们可以很轻松的实现自动寻路。下面看下官方的介绍

Welcome to the most powerful navigation engine for Unity. This navigation engine is part of a massive AI project called Dynamic AI.

Create infinite, multi-layer, high resolution grids with smart algorithms that build at lightning speeds! Add dynamic obstacles of any size, shape, or orientation and watch the grid update perfectly, for a completely dynamic solution. Create “Navigation Portals” for elevators, ladders, jumpable areas, and infinite other possibilites. Pathfinding is smooth and completely dynamic, but also extremely efficient!

For those of you who own Fantasy AI and want an upgrade in Pathfinding, this package is completely compatible and ready out of the box for Fantasy AI!

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