Unity插件之-Highlighting System轮廓外发光高亮特效


今天我们来看一款强大的插件Highlighting System,给物体加高光特效插件

This package requires Unity Pro, as it uses post-processing!
Now supports Unity iOS Pro! (Device with OpenGL ES2.0 required)
Highlighting System package allows you to easily integrate outline glow effect similar to those used in top AAA games.

Three highlighting modes available to cover all your needs:

1. One-frame highlighting
Useful for highlighting objects which are currently under mouse cursor.

2. Flashing
Can be used if you need to pay attention to some objects (game tutorial item for example).

3. Constant highlighting (with fade in/out)
Can be used to constantly highlight objects (pickable items or currently selected objects for example).
This system works with static and skinned meshes, and is fully documented (see Documentation.pdf inside of HighlightingSystemDemo folder).







Highlighting-System.txt (下载1964 )